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NIWADO© or NIWAKIDO© - A meditation in movement

Ki is the Japanese term for energy or vital essence. This is the power that resides inside of our body and in all the universe, which generates life. It is found in many cultures, cited by other names worldwide. But Ki is not the equivalent of the energy strictly speaking; it is a more subtle element, akin to the creative force that governs life and movement. The universe is a sacred place, a macrocosm where all things are interdependent. Self-creating, he maintains and develops according to a perpetual model of evolution which is found in any individual phenomenon. Thus the body is seen as a sacred microcosm, following the Dō meaning the "Path", the "Way", Japanese equivalent of Tao, is able to agree to the flow of cosmic power and purify the universe by purifying himself inside, by any meditation practice.

On the model of Japanese calligraphy or hitsudō, where the cosmic principle, the inspiration, a creative spontaneity infuses vitality, through the brush and in the ideogram tracing, thus contributing to the knowledge of Self through movement, it is to make every action with intensity, in order to live fully present, in quiet and silent, through the Japanese pruning, creating niwaki. As does rake to create and recreate a dry garden or karesansui, it calms the mind and promotes meditative centering, releasing our creativity and participating in our inner unit.

Beyond the technical aspect, there is, inside of us, in each of us, an authentic gesture, the inspiration, a creative spontaneity, a vital impulse, something innate, something that is ours, ours alone and that no one can teach us, a present, a unique talent. He's somewhere in the harmony of all that was, all that is, all that will be. Once the technique is known, integrated, it is to forget, to let it go, listen, to feel, until in our track, we are part of the Whole, belong to the Whole. This art of niwaki or Japanese garden is a means to find the "Path", the "Way". It is the quest of something and we find, by having to place ourselves exactly in the middle, inside, in the heart. There are many effects available to us. But there is only one movement in harmony with the "Path", the "Way", only one, and this is the authentic gesture, our essence, an expression of our style. We will be chosen by him, the perfect gesture is there, he is ready to invite itself in everyone from us. All we have to do is to avoid placing us across its road. It is he who chooses us. It IS the "Path". It IS the "Way".

At this moment, all that can no longer exist as one. We seek this place now with our soul. We seek it with our hands, without thinking, we feel it. Our hands are wiser than your head ever will. Only the "Path", the "Way", this tree, our pruning instrument and what we ARE.

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