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The art therapy, as a part of its name suggests, uses art, a wonderful tool to help us get in touch with our inner life, to express and transform ourselves. The word "art" suggests that it is based on an artistic tradition and the word "therapy" literally means "take care of the soul". The hortitherapy is a form of art therapy that uses the plant and garden as support. The NIWAKITHERAPY©, exclusive internationally creation of Frederique Dumas, uses the Japanese pruning and NIWATHERAPY©, the creation of Japanese gardens as support.
The appearance or quality of the final work is of little importance, most of the therapeutic approach consisting of release progressive inner images, reflection of past experiences, dreams or aspirations. The body begins to move through the creative gesture to let emerge a concrete work. The emotions, thoughts, imagination, intuition, originality are requested in a single swing. The images or the shapes which are to be set, firstly reveal some aspects of self, but can be up to generate behavioral changes and a new vision of what we are led to live, contributing to physical healings, emotional or spiritual.

This application of the art for therapeutic purposes is not new. The Greeks at the time of antiquity, as most traditional cultures believed that the arts had a cathartic and therapeutic effect. However, horticultural therapy has begun to enter officially into society and that, across the Atlantic, than to the 1930s. Moreover, it is interesting to make a parallel between the horticultural therapy and the creative process of the art brut, which is essentially the spontaneous and personal expression, without forgetting the oriental designs of the creative act which claims to be spontaneous, natural, performed effortlessly, using the right gesture, in an instant and dynamic way, the result of a single breath which is typically found in the art of Chinese or Japanese calligraphy.

This approach can be a very effective support tool to help solve many problems associated with behavioral and learning disorders, adjustment difficulties, major trauma, addiction problems and suicide, personal or professional conflicts, losses or serious illnesses by reducing stress and anxiety.
The horticultural therapy is also very suitable for anyone who wishes to undertake a personal development approach because it relies on a form of expression other than verbal language, not only for the insights, but having in itself a liberating role, revealing, or catalyst within the transformation process. It can easily be seen as a dynamic approach that participates in the awakening of the creative potential, promotes assertiveness and often leads to feelings of well-being, autonomy and freedom.

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